We attempt to define Hispanic identity as we reach peak visibility in the public eye. We are talked about more, thought about more, debated about more. Our culture synthesized, borrowed, and made easy to pronounce. Our identity prescribed, and put into a box: where it sometimes feels like being Hispanic is being told how to be Hispanic. 
We are not Hispanics sometimes. We are not only Hispanics when we do Hispanic things. Our identity is who we are, and what we do—always.

31 Hispanic artists turned their ears inwards—this is what we heard.


Collection 01Whisperings from those 
(near to me or far)


Collection 02
Take me to the phantom
”, the home I love—


Collection 03Where moments of color
whir, no eye on the time


Collection 04I hum to the sound of myself.


What we do is hispanic because who we are is hispanic

THIRD EAR would like to extend sincere gratitudes to the outstanding Latin artists who’ve made the ALL EARS Turned Inwards exhibit a resounding success. Your unwavering dedication has brilliantly captured the depth of Latin identity.  We eagerly anticipate more collaborations with new and old friends, as we continue creating memorable spaces and experiences for the community. 

Amanda Lynn Gutierrez
American Hernández
Anabella Zubillaga
Analisa García
Andrea Paredes 
Angelina Fernández Massimi 
Arantza González Gomez
Bev Vega
Bieke Campos
Carlos Medina
Enea Abbud
Erik Martinez
Evana Marisa Flores
Guicho Flores
Guigo Sánchez
Jesús Treviño
Jorge Wunch
Jose Luis “Cheo” Pardo
Juan Vitureira
Lindsay Gallagher
Luis Gispert
Luisa Koitzsch
Marcelo Nawar
Marly Barraza
Nick Middleton Pacheco
Ricardo Javier Santana
Sequoyah Hilton
Sergio Flores
Verónica Ortuño
Ximena Morfín
Yese Rodval