Ximena Morfín

This is Our Sidejob
photo, 2023


This is Our Sidejob speaks to the perseverance many creatives have when their line of work also doubles as their hobby.

On top of 9-5’s and freelance gigs, creatives are expected to continue to build upon their personal books in the interim, never letting the illusion falter. It’s part of the job that can make our personal endeavors feel robbed.

On the contrary, this piece is an example of finding the source of joy from the dedication and time poured into unpaid projects, helping us remember why we followed our passions in the first place.

“I planned a shoot with one of my best friends, just for fun, and then, at the end of the shoot we made a heart. Somehow, we made it to reflect all the love that helped us build this project through a source of light.” —X.M.


Ximena was born and raised in Mexico City in '94, and has always been passionate about photography and fashion. At the young age of 15 she decided to pursue them both. 

Today she is Photo Editor for ELLE Mexico, ELLE Man and ELLE Decoration magazine and a freelance photographer. 

She's inspired by getting to connect with new stories and people around her. Getting to  build creative connections through her work is her hobby.