Marly Barraza

photo, 2021


, at first glance, speaks to fashion and luxury but, just beneath the surface, the piece also serves as a social commentary on the industry. Barraza portrays lavish and splendor, juxtaposed over a skin tone that is often overlooked for such roles, even in the places where it’s most represented.

“My exploration of luxury in unexpected places offers a fulfilling experience of rediscovery and gives the ferociously passionate, misrepresented creatives at least some of the flowers they deserve.” —M.B.

This photograph is meant to honor the craftsmanship, passion, and authenticity that Texan designers and artists bring to their work. Helping us reimagine the places we exist in and how to fit inside them again.

Director: Marly Barraza
Model: Shannon Winger
Stylist: Kiara Flores
Photographer: Sergio Melesio
Set Design: Katya Ansari Hair & MUA: Jazmin Perez

Designers: Mysterious by N.P.N (designer for submitted piece), Isrel Fonseca, Nicó, Dashe, Alantude, and special thanks to Lesley Bodzy for the gold art piece labeled, Jackie’s Fragility.


Marly Barraza, an accomplished multidisciplinary designer based in NYC, leads Mar Design Studio with expertise in women's wear design, sustainability consulting, creative direction, and more. Marly's seasoned skills empower small to medium-sized brands in the fashion realm, offering innovative solutions and creative direction.