Luisa Koitzsch
Mexican, German & American

Fragments of Self
multimedia, 2023


Fragments of Self explores parts of a whole: how the smaller pieces make up the fuller picture of who we are. We see how over time, just like how we accumulate items in our home, we accumulate memories, people and experiences the same.

Koitzsch displays this through phone recordings of everyday moments, which happen all at once in the piece, an audio and visual cacophony of how she defines herself. 

“Because identity is a cumulation of so many factors including ethnicity, upbringing, and interests, this can only define fragments of myself.” —L.K.

All of these blips exist at home for the artist, where she offers the audience a glimpse inside.

Luisa is an Austin, Texas native who attended UT Austin for advertising. Her family on her Mom’s side is from Chihuahua, Mexico. She currently works as an Art Director at Third Ear.