Guigo Sánchez
Puerto Rican 

Perfume de color
song, 2022


Perfume de color is a love song to imperfection, an ode to acceptance, and loving all aspects of ourselves: good and bad (thorns and petals) as necessary parts of our whole selves.

This song was written for a short film, by director Nikki Mejia, called Pétalos. It was a collaboration with the movie’s soundtrack composer, Alain Emile. Recorded by Kevin X. Rodríguez at Phat Productions, in Boquerón, with William Pabón. 

“After watching the short, I wanted to write a song that felt like it belonged in the story, but I wanted it to be true to myself as well.” —G.S.


Guigo Sánchez born and raised in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. Based in Austin, TX. Guigo tells stories in as many ways as he can, for family, for friends, for brands, for other artists. One of the ways he tells stories is through songs.