Guicho Flores

Pre-Columbian Modulations
analog video series, 2022


Pre-Columbian Modulations is an analog video collection of recorded artifacts from El Museo Nacional de Antropología in Mexico City.

This series is a demonstration of how certain aesthetics of nostalgia mediate our perception of the past, though the two pasts couldn’t be further apart.

By viewing the technological advancements of the Meso-Americans as early as 2600 BCE, with an 80’s VHS look and feel, one can’t help but feel the past as closer to us, making our ancestors feel somehow more conceivable.

“I'm a post-production nerd that had a recent obsession with analog synths. These pieces allowed me to experiment more with this medium while exploring a thematic relevance to my Mexican identity.” —G.F.


Guicho Flores is a video director and commercial editor based in CDMX and Austin, TX.

Born in Mexico, Guicho moved to Austin to attend The University of Texas. He began his career at LatinWorks, an agency specializing in multicultural advertising. He continued at Beast Editorial, a video posthouse where he was promoted to commercial editor. In 2022, he was signed by Union Editorial to handle the company’s Texas-based Hispanic work.

Guicho’s work has been shortlisted at the AICP awards and featured in BooooooomTV, Noisey, and Remezcla. His photographic work has been exhibited in Monterrey’s Centro de las Artes and Museo de Arte de Sonora.