Bev Vega
Tejana, Mexican-American

Te extraño
 16mm Kodak Film, 2023



Te extraño was a piece created as a space to work through a personal moment for Vega after certain family members made the decision to no longer be in her life following her medical transition. 

Through movement and puppetry she explores a ‘dance’ that she did with her family; longing for certain relationships that, at one point or another, violated boundaries. These moments forced her to ask herself if she could embrace her cultural identity, while taking space from the family who taught her that culture in the first place.

“This work speaks to my influences and love for magical realism, surrealist tableaus, Tejano music, and exploring all of the various ways that I can simply represent the feeling of dancing in my room to process something. In using 16mm I also feel that it speaks to the intimacy of filmmaking for myself as an artist and how hands on I want the entire process to be not only for myself but everyone involved.” —B.V.


Bev Vega is a movement based film artist born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and is now based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work explores topics of transition (spiritual, physical, and literal) as well as themes of identity, desirability, grief, and the celebration of trans existence. She is also an arts educator working with young artists as a Youth Corps Manager for Park Avenue Armory.