Angelina Fernández Massimi
Mexican American

 acrylic paint on canvas, 2022


dimensions: 31.5” x 39.37”

Contemplación reinterprets Fernández Massimi’s archived photographs and memories, depicting the mundane with an almost supernatural quality. 

Her work exhibits a respect and idealism for ordinary experiences, exalting them through rich color in an attempt to portray the magical qualities she sees in the everyday.

“The years go by in a frenzy but these people and situations survive when I paint them, becoming an archive for my memories.” —A.F.M.

Angelina Fernández Massimi is a multimedia artist that makes paintings and video art about her own life. Living between Mexico and the United States has made her feel like an outsider, and she's recurred to books, fantasy and imagination as her safe space. Her work is about capturing her everyday experiences and preserving them for the future.