Andrea Paredes

Las aves
linoleum print, 2020


dimensions: 8” x 12” (3 layers)

Las aves documents survival via portraiture, and the non-physical transformation many undergo when put in foreign environments. 

The piece is not just about the final image. Process played a big role for Paredes, representing the identity she created through friction. She faced more than unfamiliar cultures, but a loss of belonging, creating tension between who she was in Mexico and who she is in this new world.

This piece was created as a 3 layer linoleum block print, through a multi-layering color technique to achieve dimension and detail. This method is symbolic to the meaning of the piece as it requires different layers and manual carving to create the final look, and in Paredes’ case, who she became. 

“After moving to Texas from Mexico City as a child, I experienced an alter ego that was stronger than who I was when I was 7 years old. She guided me in my new journey, with a new language and new friends.” —A.P.

The two ‘aves’ represent Paredes’ roots and heritage, a reminder of “where I come from and where I’m headed”. Looking at the past with vigilance and forward with hope and aspiration. The quilted blanket, a representation of the comfort the artist worked to provide for herself, and the woman, a strong, confident figure that inspired her hope and certainty. When we find ourselves in new worlds, we search for what is recognizable to help us reinvent who we are.


Andrea Paredes, originally from Mexico City, specializes in mixed media and art direction. She studies creative advertising at the University of Texas and currently works at a creative agency focusing on social media and branding. Her work speaks on the creation of self identity, the beauty of natural elements, and feminine strength.