Analisa García
Tejana, Mexican-American
CVS Wedding Photos
collage series, 2022/23


dimensions: 8.5” x 8.5” / 8.5” x 11”

CVS Wedding Photos explores modern rituals within a culture that holds tradition at its core, and how those notions find their way through us.

This series of work was a happy accident of self discovery for García, who set out to create a “wedding scrapbook” for her mother and mother in law, but ended up uncovering larger parts of her identity in the process.

“The main objective was to be creative with my photos, which evolved into an explanation of my ideas on ceremony, ritual, religion, capitalism, and familial expectations.” —A.G.

The collages feature García’s elopement ceremony photos, shot with an iPhone, and printed at a nearby CVS. They utilize scraps of images in different magazines and materials found at estate sales or thrift stores that evoke specific aspects of Mexican culture, alongside an affinity for Americana. These personal ideals all physically come together via the background: two floral patterns cut up and woven together.


Analisa García is a Project Manager at Third Ear Agency, where she bullies creatives into turning things in on time and Account People into extending deadlines. Originally from Corpus Christi, Texas she now lives in Elgin under a giant Texas Ash tree. Her passions include her dog, the color of her dog, laughing, and finding ways to be covertly creative. She’s inspired by vintage design, family photos, recycled materials, and natural materials such as pecans, cicadas, and Texas native flowers.